Vegan Mania Sweeps Atlanta With Two New Plant-Based Concepts!

Jack Rattenbury Jack Rattenbury

Vegan Mania Sweeps Atlanta With Two New Plant-Based Concepts!

Here’s some excellent news if you’re a vegan in Atlanta!

Plant based food truck, Sunshine Alchemy will soon be opening here in Atlanta. Bringing healthy and environmentally conscious dishes with the freshest ingredients, owner Jasmine Beck hopes to redefine street food.

Speaking of redefining, the other concept isn’t necessarily new. Beloved burger joint, YEAH! BURGER, is going completely plant-based in a dramatic marketing switch-up.

Credit: Yeah! Burger

Sunshine Alchemy will be opening the next couple of months. As well as a stellar plant-based menu, the food truck plans to serve up some cocktails with their specialty “on-the-move” bar. West Midtown’s YEAH! BURGER will be reopening this fall, and have removed every animal product with a plant-based one, making the awesome decision to go vegan!


YEAH! BURGER is located at 1168 Howell Mill Rd NW, and is undergoing a major transformation. Both on and off the menu! Sunchine Alchemy will be located at 3795 Presidential Pkwywithin. We’ll keep you posted as the dates are announced.

Check out our round-up of our favorite plant-based restaurants in Atlanta. These two new businesses are exciting additions to the ATL’s thriving vegan scene.

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