10 Best Restaurants For A Delicious Bowl Of Ramen In Atlanta

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10 Best Restaurants For A Delicious Bowl Of Ramen In Atlanta

City life isn’t the same without ramen, and Atlanta has several spots for a tasty bowl of the heartwarming soup.

There are so many restaurants in Atlanta with their own take on the Japanese noodle soup that has become a modern-day necessity. From the most delicious broths to the freshest ingredients, Atlanta guarantees you a delicious bowl of ramen. And it’ll brighten up any gloomy day in the city.

Here are some of out favorite ramen restaurants in Atlanta:

1. Ramen Station

Where: Grant Park

There’s an extensive ramen menu at Ramen Station. Several unique takes on the soup light up the menu, with innovative appetizers you don’t want to miss. Check out their Okonomi Hot Dog for a Japanese twist on an American classic. But if it’s ramen your after, their Fried Chicken Curry Tonkotsu Ramen takes the cake.

2. Kin No Tori

Where: Ponce City Market

This place made it on our list of Top 5 Ponce City Market dishes. Kin No Tori are nestled just opposite the market in Downtown Atlanta. And pride themselves for their delicious ramen. This place is also great if you’re vegan. Their vegan version of the soup will make this place your go-to ramen pitstop in the city. If you’re also a fan of  gyoza, then this place will hit the spot.

3. Ton Ton Ramen & Yakitori

Credit: Ton Ton Ramen, Atlanta

Where:Ponce City Market

This seat-yourself ramen bar have a brief menu of brothy noodles & Japanese bites, but what they lack in quantity is totally made up for. Their authentic atmosphere will make you forget you’re in Ponce City Market. This place can get crowded, so make sure you time it right if you’ve got cravings for some tempting ramen.

4. Momonoki

Where: Midtown

Ramen, poke bowls & other Japanese eats are offered in this airy, contemporary space with counter seating. The décor will transport you to a Japanese café, and if that doesn’t work then their bowls of ramen will. Specializing in dipping ramen, otherwise known as Tsukemen, Momonoki is a local hotspot for ramen and Japanese cuisine.

5. Okiboru

Where: Sandy Springs

Okiboru made a name for itself in LA. It become the city’s only Michelin-rated ramen spot in 2019. The West Coast location has closed for now, but Atlantans can fortunately still enjoy Okiboru’s heartwarming bowls of ramen. With show-stopping vegan and veggie options available, everyone can enjoy a bowl of ramen at Okiboru.

6. E Ramen


Where: Midtown

With gorgeous and modern interiors, be blown away at E Ramen. West side sushi joint Eight Sushi Lounge entered the Atlanta Ramen Festival in 2016 and the rest is history. Since then, they’ve opened up a stunning Midtown location specifically for the Japanese soup. The star on the menu is the Lobster Ramen, especially if you deserve the rightful splurge.

7. Jinya

Where: Buckhead

This Buckhead beauty not only serves some of the tastiest ramen in the city, it also has an outdoor terrace so you can enjoy your soup come rain or shine. The expanding chain is taking Atlanta by storm, with Jinya definitely leaving it’s mark on the city’s ramen scene. We recommend enjoying your ramen with some traditional sake, but make sure you have a designated driver.

8. Yakitori Jinbei


From mouthwatering sushi, to bowls of ramen heaven. Yakitori may not look much from the outside, but their menu packs a mighty punch. Their spicy ramen is guaranteed to spice up any day, with an array of other delicious delicacies from all over Asia on offer. If you’re a fan of Korean Fried Chicken, then you should probably order some with your bowl of ramen.

9. Lifting Noodles

Where: East Atlanta

Locals label this place one of the tastiest broths in the city. Located in We Suki Suki foodcourt, Lifting Noodles has become a multi-state chain. And there’s no sign of the Atlantan flagship from slowing down. This place is also killer if you’re looking for ramen on a budget.

10. Hotto Hotto Ramen & Teppanyaki

Where: Grant Park

Hotto Hotto is a gourmet Japanese Teppan and Ramen restaurant. Their mission is to create a fresh, healthy, made from scratch meals. Fortunately, they don’t disappoint. Other than their nine ambitious ramens, they have an excellent selection of distinct Japanese appetizers along with craft beers, craft cocktails and a huge selection of imported sake. You’re going to need a designated driver here too.

Feature Image: Obiboru, Atlanta

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