11 Awesome Craft Breweries You Have To Check Out In Atlanta

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11 Awesome Craft Breweries You Have To Check Out In Atlanta

Atlanta’s the perfect city for beer lovers.

The ATL is crawling with incredible breweries, brewpubs, and taprooms that are dying to be discovered. Georgia’s craft beer scene has seen an explosion of success stories, awesome beer, and unforgettable nights out on the town.

Priorities have definitely shifted during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, with smaller breweries rethinking production, branding, and every decision (big or small) faced when running a small business. There’s never been a more important time to ditch the big brands and support the ones closer to home, so Atlanta’s brewery scene can keep on thriving!

Here are some breweries we think you should check out in Atlanta, and we hope to expand this list with your suggestions as ATL’s scene evolves and grows.

10 awesome craft breweries to check out in Atlanta:

1. Wild Heaven Beer

Credit: Wild Heaven Beer

Where: West End

There are so many awesome and innovative options on offer at Atlanta’s Wild Heaven Beer. If you haven’t seen it around the city already, we recommend their Emergency Drinking Beer which comes in a variety of blends. Try their tropical blend for the perfect fruity treat from the Peach State’s capital.

2. Hippin Hops

Credit: Hippin Hops


Where: East Atlanta Village

Although Hippin’ Hops is not the first Black-owned craft beer brand in Georgia, it is believed to be the first Black-owned brewery operating out of its own space! They produce a variety of unique ales and lagers, so you’re going to want to try a couple. They also serve up some tasty seafood, and their oysters are the star of the show.

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3. New Realm Brewing

Credit: New Realm Brewing

Where: Common Ground

For fantastic brews and a whole lotta’ fun, head down to New Realm Brewing. With an impressive selection of beers, seltzers, and more, you’ll be spoilt for choice. You can even enjoy a game of cornhole with your friends, over a couple of pints on their awesome outdoor patio.

4. Glover Park Brewery

Credit: Glover Park Brewery

Where: Marietta

Located on the historic Marietta Square, you’ve got to check out Glover Park Brewery. Their outdoor space is a beautiful spot to enjoy one of their beers. We suggest trying our favorite brew, their Voodoo Pils!

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5. Atlanta Brewing Co.


Credit: Atlanta Brewing Co.

Where: Underwood Hills

Atlanta Brewing Co is dedicated to brewing innovative beers, focusing on quality, and utilizing regional ingredients whenever possible. You have to try Hoplanta their IPA tribute to the city it calls home.


6. Orpheus Brewing

Credit: Orpheus Brewing

Where: Piedmont Park

With stunning views of the park, this place is the perfect place for a spring or summertime treat. Speaking of summer, their Strawberry Guava Sour brew will definitely go down a treat during those warmer, Georgian months.

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7. Halfway Crooks Beer

Credit: Halfway Crooks Beer

Where: Summerhill

There’s an excellent selection of both brews and bites at Halfway Crooks Beer! You’re going to want to try a couple of their delicious craft beers. To eat, we suggest ordering the Chedderwurst!

8. Ironmonger

Credit: Ironmonger

Where: Marietta

For a unique brewery experience in Atlanta, head to Ironmonger. At Ironmonger, not only can you sample some of the brewery’s tasty beers, but axethrowing is a thing! Compete amongst friends while sampling their innovative menu. Try out the Blood Orange Ale!

9. Monday Night Brewing

Credit: Monday Night Brewing

Where: West End

Weekends are overrated at Monday Night Brewing. With two locations across the city, this place is slowly becoming an Atlantan brewing legend. These guys have a Mexican beer called Taco Tuesday, to accompany your Tuesday treat perfectly.

10. Second Self Beer Company

Credit: Second Self Beer Company

Where: Underwood Hills

For an incredible selection of names and flavors, head down to Second Self Beer Company. Havana Night is the perfect brew if you’re feeling fruity. If the guava sour doesn’t lift your spirits, then their other beers will!

11. Fire Maker

Credit: Fire Maker Brewing

Where: Underwood Hills

Try the Peach Whiskey Sour brew at Fire Maker Brewing for an authentic taste of Georgia. This place is one of Atlanta’s many family owned and built buisnesses.

Featured Image: Glover Park Brewery

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