5 Street Art Hotspots Revealing Atlanta’s Black History, Present And Future

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5 Street Art Hotspots Revealing Atlanta’s Black History, Present And Future

Street art vibrantly paints Atlanta as a pioneering city in the civil rights movement.

From its extensive Black History, to Black Lives Matter. Atlanta showcases its diversity, inclusivity and achievements so honestly through its street art.

As a lot of Black History Month events are put on hold or altered slightly. Walking through Atlanta’s streets to take in its incredible art is a great way to celebrate BHM. Sharing the artists on Instagram, or even learning something from the art. Here are some hotspots, projects or pieces amplifying Black voices around Atlanta:

1. Downtown Atlanta

Credit: Joseph E. Boone Boulevard, @artofyungai shot by @cyndilaine_imagines

Pictured above is a mural gorgeously painting Downtown Atlanta and its famous skyline at sunset. It honors prominent civil rights leaders Ralph David Abernathy Jr., Hosea Williams, the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., Coretta Scott King and Congressman John Lewis.

Downtown Atlanta has become a street art hotspot, so you’re going never too far from pieces dedicated to Black History and Black Atlanta.

Credit: @cyndilaine_imagines via Instagram

It’s never surprising to walk down the streets of Downtown Atlanta and find yourself lost in a brand new mural. Which is why we suggest going on a search for some of the best that this part of the city has to offer.

2. Living Walls Atlanta

Credit: 333 Peters St, @thepainterbae shot by @livingwallsatl

Living Walls is an art organization, creating intentional, thought-provoking public art to inspire social change. There are many murals around the city that were funded by this organization. Their mission is inspiring, with the most beautiful results painted across the city.

3. West End/West View

Credit: 888 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd, @ashleydpaints

West End and West View are other hotspots to catch some of Atlanta’s best street art. Including this Herstory mural, celebrating famous women who have fought tirelessly for their communities and encourage societal growth. Women in the mural include Irene Dobbs Jackson, Woody Persons, Arianna Sykes, and Kiyomi Rollins.


4. OuterSpace Project

Credit:  629 Glennwood Ave, SE Atlanta, GA @maxsansing shot by @marinasfavorites

Several murals around the city come from OuterSpace Project. OuterSpace is an event series that merges public art, live music, design, action sports and culture. With an outdoor mural project at its core, OSP’s goal is to enhance outdoor spaces, generate positive energy, and engage the public through urban beautification and creativity. 2020 changed their plans, but hopefully things will be back to normal soon.

5. John Lewis Mural

Credit: @thelossprevention shot by @cyndilaine_imagines

Last year, we sadly lost Congressman John Lewis. But there’s a beautiful tribute located on Auburn Avenue. Now a sacred and very special place in Atlanta, this mural beautifully displays a modern potrait of the hometown hero, with a revolutionary quote to match.

An ‘earth portrait’ of the Congressman was put on display in Freedom Park in January. So it’s worth going to see if you can make out any remanence of the stunning display.

Credit: @stan_herd_arts shot by @jerrito1


Featured Image: @thelossprevention shot by @cyndilaine_imagines

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