BrewDog Announces Atlanta Location In Exciting Expansion Project

Jack Rattenbury Jack Rattenbury

BrewDog Announces Atlanta Location In Exciting Expansion Project

Scottish brewery BrewDog will be launching an Atlanta location very soon

Nothing is stopping the IPA connoisseurs BrewDog. The Scotland-based craft brewery and pub chain have established themselves worldwide, with locations across the globe.

Atlanta is a recent addition to their near future plans, and their first Georgian location has been confirmed to be in the works. Although the exact location is undisclosed, co-Founder James Watt announced on Twitter Thursday that the Atlanta site is just one of 42 new BrewDog locations planned.


The owner has been sharing the plans for several new additions online, with Watt tweeting, ““Working on this amazing new site in Atlanta.”

Other upcoming venues include London, Miami, Amsterdam and Las Vegas (which might have a rooftop pool). According to the website BrewDog aims to “revolutionize the beer industry and completely redefine beer-drinking culture.”

They’re known for being social activists, with a heavy focus on remaining sustainable. Earlier this year, they’ve even offered up their closed UK locations as vaccination centers. Even offering a commemorative beer should you get vaccinated at one of their bars.

Make sure you keep your eyes peeled for more information on the upcoming Atlanta location.

Featured Image: James Watt @BrewDogJames on Twitter

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