Drive Tanks And Crush Cars At This Next Level Theme Park In Georgia

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Drive Tanks And Crush Cars At This Next Level Theme Park In Georgia

Drivers must be at least 15 years old with a learner’s permit.

Tank Town USA is an action-packed park in Blue Ridge, Georgia, that gives visitors the chance to engage in heavy metal excitement found no where else in the country. At Tank Town USA, visitors can get their thrills driving tanks, crushing cars, and much more.

Everyone knows the Six Flags and Disneylands of the world, but it isn’t until you hear about something like the Super Nintendo World in Japan that you pause and think: what other theme parks are out there? There’s BonBon-Land – a theme park based in large part on canine feces – in Denmark, there’s Love Land  – ‘world’s kinkiest theme park’ – on Jeju Island in South Korea, and parks all over the world with one-of-a-kind action-based attractions. In Blue Ridge, Georgia, there’s Tank Town USA.

For anyone that played with a GI Joe as a kid, this is that turned to life. Visitors 15 years or older can get behind the wheel of 17 tons of military steel and drive that over an actual car.

“Why just drive a tank when you can crush a car with one,” the park writes on its website. “Get your heart pumping with 25+ minutes of driving excitement which starts with our exciting tank driving course and finishes with smashing a car. ”


The car crushing experience cost $599; or, for an extra $150, participants can add a second Car Crush driver that includes a 10-minute course for the second driver and shared responsibilities on flattening the car.

Tanks Town USA also gives visitors the chance to operate an excavator. For $150, visitors can get 15 minutes to run a 40 ton construction excavator – under the supervision of trained instructors, of course.

The park offers a variety of packages, group options, and corporate party pricing options, which can be seen here.

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