New Cocoa Haven Teases Gourmet Chocolate Bombs To Anticipate Fall Opening

Jack Rattenbury Jack Rattenbury

New Cocoa Haven Teases Gourmet Chocolate Bombs To Anticipate Fall Opening

Incredible chocolate creations are about to come to Marietta

Elizabeth Weaver is the mind behind a new chocolatey concept coming to Marietta. Elizabeth’s Delightful Edibles is a brand new chocolate and sweets shop opening in the fall. Weaver is a graduate of the Culinary Business Academy, and has been passionate about the culinary world since she was a teenager.

Known for her personal chef business, this new venture is going to make Marietta even sweeter. Weaver has already began teasing her new location’s treats on her Facebook.

Credit: Elizabeth’s Delightful Edibles

There’s going to be hot chocolate and coffee creamer bombs, delectable chocolate bars, and other tasty treats available at Elizabeth’s Delightful Edibles.

We personally can’t wait to try the Cookies and Cream bomb, with other flavors like Peppermint and Dark Chocolate. Considering this new concept is opening in the fall, all these different flavored hot chocolate bombs couldn’t come at a better time!


Credit: Elizabeth’s Delightful Edibles

Elizabeth’s Delightful Edibles is expected to open earlier in the fall months later this year. We’ll keep you posted as things get announced, or you can follow the official Facebook page, here.

Elizabeth’s Delightful Edibles is located at 3894 Due West Road, Suite 235 in Marietta.

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