Atlanta’s Home To The Nation’s Largest Free Food Forest Tackling Food Insecurity

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Atlanta’s Home To The Nation’s Largest Free Food Forest Tackling Food Insecurity

Atlanta’s Conservation Fund have set up a free food forest for people struggling with food insecurity

In 2016, Atlanta’s Conservation Fund bought a closed pecan farm to transform it for their new charitable mission.  The farm was set to become townhouse that never came into fruition. Now, it’s the largest free food forest in the US.

The site is Atlanta’s first Community Urban Food Forest, as well as a new model for a City of Atlanta park. The food forest will produce a wide variety of fresh, flavorful, and healthy nuts, fruits,  vegetables, herbs,  and mushrooms, which will become available for public consumption.

Credit:  AGLANTA

The forest is in the Browns Mill neighborhood of southeast Atlanta, where the closest grocery store is a 30-minute bus ride away.

“Access to green space and healthy foods is very important. And that’s a part of our mission,” says Michael McCord, a certified arborist and expert edible landscaper who helps manage the forest.

Resources like the food forest are a rarity and necessity in Atlanta. 1 in 6 Georgian face food insecurity, and 1 in 3 Browns Mill residents are living below the property line.



The forest is also a great place for young people to volunteer, and learn about agriculture and society. With several projects in place to get Atlanta as involved as possible.

“We host lots of students for field trips, and for a lot of them, it’s their first time at a garden or farm or forest,” said McCord. “So here they get to experience everything urban agriculture and urban forestry all in one day. It’s really special.”

Make sure you support Atlanta Conservation Fund’s new project by checking out their Food Forest.

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