Grant Park Coffeehouse Moves Downtown Amid Awesome Expansion

Jack Rattenbury Jack Rattenbury

Grant Park Coffeehouse Moves Downtown Amid Awesome Expansion

The beloved coffeehouse will be moves Downtown!

If you’re a fan of Grant Park Coffeehouse then you’re in luck. Soon the ATL will boast two locations of the much-loved coffee shop. Unfortunately, the Cherokee Ave closed to make way for this exciting expansion, but we’re more than happy to see two new locations opening in the city.

In a statement on their website, they announced, “Our last day at the current Cherokee Ave location is September 28th.  You can find us very soon at 8 Park Place, just around the corner from the Five Points MARTA stop.”

And by ‘very soon’, they meant the day after, as the Downtown location opened on September 28th, granting easier access to their delicious coffee and pastries for all Atlantans.

“After 11 years at our current location across from the Atlanta Zoon, we are packing up our coffee makers and chicken salad and relocating slightly further downtown,” Owner Rahel Belfield announced on Grant Park Coffeehouse’s social media.


But don’t worry to those who loved their Cherokee Ave location, as there’s some more good news. Grant Park will return to the same area sometime in the new year, in the form of a second café!

“I would never want to leave my regulars and friends without somewhere in the neighborhood, so I’m also happy to reveal that we will be opening a second location very close to our original spot some time next year,” she added.

The location of the second café has yet to be revealed. We will be sure to keep you posted. Their newly opened location is at 8 Park Palace, near Five Points’ MARTA stop. Follow them on Instagram for updates.

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