Preferred Route For High Speed Train Service To Charlotte Confirmed

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Preferred Route For High Speed Train Service To Charlotte Confirmed

These exciting plans for a high speed rail service will get you from Atlanta to Charlotte in no time at all!

A possible high-speed rail system is being planned, connecting Charlotte and Atlanta. News surrounding the topic have not surfaced since October of 2020, but recent plans have announced the preferred route for this major project.

There were three suggested routes proposed, including ths Southern Crescent plans, utilizing the existing Amtrak line, stopping off at Gainesville, Clemson, Greenville, and more! The second plan was I-85 Corridor, a brand new line stopping off at Lawrenceville, Greenville, and more!

Credit: Georgia Department of Transportation

However, the route chosen was the Greenfield Corridor (pictured above) – brand new lines connecting the ATL with Charlotte, via Lawrenceville & Athens, Anderson, GSP Airport, South Gastonia, and more!

The decision was made on July 9, after receiving input from the general public, stakeholders, and agencies. However, it may be sometime until this major project swings into fruition. There is currently a 30-day waiting period held by the Federal Railroad Administration, allowing the public and any other parties to review the proposal.


There will also be plenty of extra funding needed, as the project is still in its Tier 1 study. With sponsors and extra funding planned for their second tier strategy.

Would this high-speed rail service to Charlotte benefit you? Do you think it would benefit Atlanta? We’ll keep you posted as updates come regarding this exciting project.

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Featured Image: Photo by Reginar on Unsplash  

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