50 Hilarious Responses To ‘How To Spot An Atlantan In 10 Seconds Or Less’

Jack Rattenbury Jack Rattenbury

50 Hilarious Responses To ‘How To Spot An Atlantan In 10 Seconds Or Less’

“They call it “Alanna” and not At-lan-tah”

We were curious about what it was specifically that sets Atlantans apart from the rest, so we asked y’all! We asked on Facebook and Instagram, “How do you spot a San Franciscan in 10 seconds or less?” Some of the responses were hilarious, others a little shady, and some of y’all are just savage. Here are some of our favorite responses from across our socials. Make sure to follow us if you’re not yet to join in on the fun!

When you hear: “HI Y’ALL”! 😃

Says things like “What kind of coke do y’all have?” (e.g. Coke, Orange, Sprite, Root Beer, etc.)

They don’t say AtlanTa, they say AtlaNNa.

Throw in at least 3 Gahdamn’s in every sentence!

Talking about the Beltline

Winter coat…with flip flops

Socks and slides!

Hat bent to the side!!!!

A hoodie in the summer with some socks and slides on. 🤗


Easy…they are sitting in traffic right beside you

Driving 85 mph in the left lane and getting passed on the right.

Avoids every pothole ITP or TOP by memory while driving consistent 90mph anytime it’s not raining and singing along to every Shawty lo song

They’re stuck in traffic

Our directions include phrases like ITP, OTP, go down Peachtree, and the Big Chicken

Speed limits are merely a suggestion

When they order their chicken wings lemon pepper with ranch

Drink ranch dressing

Chicken wings thrown on the ground

Saying “y’all” with hot wings and a blunt in hand

They smell like lemon pepper and buffalo sauce

they can merge onto 285 from 20 without freaking out 🤣

Bad driving habits

We leave nothing in our cars

They can’t drive in the rain. They slow down if there’s a wreck on the other side of the highway

They hang a sign on their window that states “car is empty, please don’t break my windows.”


When you walk into a shop or restaurant the employees say “Welcome in.”

They smile when you walk past them

An Atlantan would always open the door for you. Old South Gentlemen…

Bundled up like Bernie Sanders in a “50 degree cold front.”

Cancels school for a *chance* of snow

1% chance of snow ❄️ Milk and bread shelves immediately emptied.

Wearing a bulky winter jacket when the weather is in the 50s

Running on Peachtree Street

They just call it Ponce

Smokes a blunt literally anywhere. It’s atl. It’s fine.

Some skinny ass jeans or lingerie as an outfit in public

Questionable designer fashion choices

Always the A hat. Always.

Matching track suit

Longest glam lashes I’ve ever seen and super loud colorful clothing

They have on sports gear from another city like NY, Chicago, Houston, etc.

Shorts in the winter

They don’t know you but are waving at you.

Prefers water to Pepsi

Coca-cola everyday

Friendly and eager to help !!

They know what “OTP” means

We’ve experienced Waffle House at least 50% of our college lives.




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