Atlanta Breakfast Club Purchases Another Atlantan Brunch Staple Le Petit Marche

Jack Rattenbury Jack Rattenbury

Atlanta Breakfast Club Purchases Another Atlantan Brunch Staple Le Petit Marche

We thought we’d seen the last of Le Petit Marche, but thankfully not due to Atlanta Breakfast Club!

The breakfast connoisseurs at Atlanta Breakfast Club have taken on a new venture, beyond their mini empire which includes ABC and their Chicken & Waffle spin off location. This time, it’s the former Kirkwood breakfast haven Le Petite Marche.

Marchet Sparks unfortunately closed her popular breakfast restaurant last month after 13 years in downtown Kirkwood.

Luckily, the minds behind Atlanta Breakfast Club Osiris Ballard and chef Anthony Sanders, have decided to take on the restaurant with a grand re-opening planned for Tuesday, June 1.

If you’re a huge fan of Le Petite Marche, there’s no need to worry. There’s been confiration that they will leave the beloved menu items untouched.

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In a video announcement posted to Facebook, Sparks says she reached out to Ballard and Sanders around the time of the closure to gauge their interest in opening a location of Atlanta Breakfast Club in the space.


Instead of opening up a new ABC location, Ballard and Sanders were keen to keep the Petite Marche legacy alive and continue to leave its mark on the Atlanta breakfast scene.

“I am thrilled to pass the torch to such incredibly dear friends,” Sparks said. “They are committed to keeping Le Petit Marche exactly as it is: so it’ll be the same place that you know and love! And you’ll see me stopping by frequently!”

“Our goal is to keep everything the same. Not even the grass on the sidewalk will change,” Ballard added. “Marchet has done a great job over the last 13 years giving everyone here in Kirkwood such inspiration, something to look forward to — a staple — and it’s our pleasure to keep that staple going.”

Le Petite Marche’s grand re-opening is planned for Tuesday, June 1.

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