Marvel Are Filming Exciting New Series For Disney+ In Atlanta

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Marvel Are Filming Exciting New Series For Disney+ In Atlanta

Marvel frequently uses Atlanta for shooting on location, and Disney+ series Hawkeye becomes a new addition

From The Avengers to Iron Man, Atlanta has made frequent cameos in the Marvel universe. And the cameos just keep on coming, with sightings of a new project causing quite the buzz in the city.

On Saturday, Hailee Steinfeld was seen alongside costar Jeremy Renner on the set of their upcoming Disney+ series Hawkeye, right here in Atlanta.

Hawkeye will follow the superhero with the same name, and will be played by Renner. Known for being an archer, the Marvel favorite is known for his turbulent relationship within the Avengers. Hawkeye was raised in the circus, trained by criminals and grew from a troubled youth into one of the Earth’s greatest heroes.

Even though it’s Hawkeye who’s known for archery, it was Hailee who was caught in the act. The Bumblebee star, 24, was laughing while holding the featured weapon in the show, an archer‘s bow.

The series will serve as another installment in the MCU since it has begun incorporating the Disney+ streaming platform.

There are also rumors that Andrew Garfield is also in the city to shoot Spiderman 3, with Atlanta locations being used frequently by Marvel.

Hawkeye will join other limited series like WandaVision, currently airing, along with Falcon And The Winter Soldier, due to premier next month.

Featured Image: Anton_Ivanov, via Shutterstock

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