Tickets To Atlanta’s Breathtaking Monet Exhibit Are Now On Sale

Marie-Angèle Zoungrana Marie-Angèle Zoungrana

Tickets To Atlanta’s Breathtaking Monet Exhibit Are Now On Sale

A brand new experience by Exhibition Hub on Monet’s most prized works is coming to Atlanta. Claude Monet: The Immersive Experience comes after the company’s many successful events, including the stunning Van Gogh exhibit that swooned NYC, Miami, and the Big Peach. Now, we’re all anticipating the arrival of Atlanta’s Monet Exhibit, set to be revealed in the spring.

And tickets are finally available!

Claude Monet: The Immersive Experience

A secret location will transform itself into a fully immersive Monet exhibit full of light and wonder where you’ll witness Claude Monet’s most impressive work fully envelop your environment as it takes over the walls. Expect breathtaking artwork from the impressionist painter, illustrated in 360-degree digital frescoes.

The exhibit had unanimous success in London, Barcelona and a number of other cities around the globe. And now, it is making its way to Atlanta, bringing with it the magic of Monet’s brushstrokes. The immersive experience journeys through his most iconic bodies of work, like the famous “Water Lilies” or “Springtime” in a brand new way of experiencing art. Every detail comes to life in surprising ways, almost as if you’ve stepped into one of his paintings.

Monet: The Immersive Experience

April 2022
Starting at $32.20 for adults and $19.10 for children
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