A Guide To Atlanta’s Most Iconic Architecture

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A Guide To Atlanta’s Most Iconic Architecture

The ATL skyline is a beautiful cocktail of striking buildings and vibrant architecture.

From brutalism to classical, contemporary to post-modernist. Atlanta’s architecture begs to be viewed, snapped and adored!

In an attempt to help any architect lover, we’ve made a list with some of the best buildings and designs that the ATL has to offer.

1. Center for Human and Civil Rights

Credit: cendhika via Shutterstock

Located in the same neighborhood as Coca-Cola and CNN, the Center for Human and Civil Rights is its own icon. Located in Downtown Atlanta, the building is stunning from the outside-in. It’s an incredible museum showcasing the achievements made from the civil-rights-movement.

2. King and Queen Buildings

Credit: @bywellcarvalho via Instagram

Although technically not in Atlanta, these royal twin towers beautifully light up the metro’s night sky. Officially called Concourse Corporate Center V and VI, the 34-story icons can be seen for miles. Their nicknames come from the structures on the top, resembling crowns fit for a King and Queen.

3. Swan House

Credit: 4kclips via Shutterstock

If you’re looking for something a little more vintage, Atlanta’s still got you covered. The Swan House was designed by Phillip T. Shutze for an elite married couple. Once they died, the mansion and its grounds were acquired by the Atlanta Historical Society. Beautifully restored in 2004, many of you may be familiar with the building as it was famously featured in the Hunger Games saga!

4. High Museum

Credit: Anthony Berenyi via Shutterstock

Located in Midtown, the High Museum is famous for its white metal panels. Inside, the museum boasts the best art collection that Georgia has to offer. The central light-filled atrium was inspired by the Guggenheim. HIGH is the place to go for every architecture nerd that visits Atlanta.


5. Sovereign

Credit: Jeri Bland via Shutterstock

The tallest building in Buckhead, towering proudly over ATL’s skyline is the Sovereign. Another royal on the list, this striking modern classic was designed by Stewart & Associates. It offers upscale dining with sensational views of the city, along with office space and apartments.

6. Flatiron Building

Credit: Rob Hainer via Shutterstock

Atlanta has its own take on the NY staple. The Flatiron building is the oldest standing skyscraper in the ATL. Although much smaller than the New York landmark, Atlanta’s came first and is listed in the National Register of Historical Places.

7. Bank of America

Credit: @bywellcarvalho via Instagram

The Bank of America is hard to miss, mainly due to the fact that it’s the tallest building in Atlanta. Standing over 1,000ft, it’s an Atlanta icon and the most recognizable piece of architecture that the ATL has to offer.

8. Marriott Marquis

Credit: Animas Photography via Shutterstock

Any guest at this Marriott hotel is guaranteed a treat for the eyes. Its unique external design has given this building the name the ‘pregnant Marriott’. The internals make a great picture for the Insta too, with the 52-stories proudly on display, both inside and out!

Featured Image: Sean Pavone via Shutterstock