This Stunning Outdoor Art Installation Has Taken Over The HIGH

Jack Rattenbury Jack Rattenbury

This Stunning Outdoor Art Installation Has Taken Over The HIGH

Check out Outside the Lines at Atlanta’s HIGH Museum of Art!

Outside the Lines is the High’s newest outdoor installation, providing an immersive, and sensory experience for all of its visitors. The installation is a continuation of the High’s multiyear series of inclusive and inviting commissions to activate the Museum’s outdoor space and encourage community engagement.

The gently curving steel structure of Outside the Lines supports thousands of hanging, orange and yellow strands. The structure forms both small enclosures for quiet relaxation, and open environments for social interaction.

Designed by Bryony Roberts Studio, the space is a forest-like atmosphere. The tactile materials, designed in collaboration with individuals who are blind and visually impaired, invite safe interaction and enable dynamic navigation through touch.⠀

The variety and height of the materials provide a spectrum of exploration within reach of all people, including those who use wheelchairs and mobility devices, and produce a range of intensity and stimulation, offering choice for people with sensory sensitivities.


Outside the Lines is on view through November 28, 2021. And there’s plenty more to do at the iconic art gallery.

In other news from the HIGH, check out the touring exhibition of works from Alexander Calder and Pablo Picasso. There’s also a luminous exhibit emphasizes lighting’s role in propelling innovation in design and art. Electrifying Design demonstrates that lighting is an integral practice in modern and contemporary life.

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