Celebrate Pride With This Enchanting Concert Honoring Queer Composers

Jack Rattenbury Jack Rattenbury

Celebrate Pride With This Enchanting Concert Honoring Queer Composers

The Candlelight concert series celebrates Pride with this touching tribute to queer musicians

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, then you’ve probably heard of the magical Candlelight series. A spectacular opportunity to calm your mind and experience classical music in a new light, with these very special concerts that are taking Atlanta by storm.

This year, they’re honoring Atlanta Pride with this unforgettable evening of music. And even though the festival is cancelled, this would be a great alternative to appreciate some LGBTQIA+ history. Located in a beautiful venue completely bathed in flickering candlelight, a string quartet will be paying tribute to famous LGTBQ+ composers such as Handel and Tchaikovsky.

Located at the enchanting Trolley Barn, their open-air space will be completely transformed into a candlelit wonderland. With a loud and proud setlist to get you in the mood for Atlanta Pride weekend.

Get your tickets for this epic tribute to Queer composers, here!

As well as Handel and Tchaikovsky, you can expects tunes by Lou Harrison, Barber, Bernstein, and more! So whether you’re looking for a beautifully unique classical music performance or a romantic candlelit experience, this performance is for you.

Candlelight Open Air: Celebrating Pride feat. Queer Composers will be taking place on Thursday, 7 October. There are two sittings, one sunset show at 7:30pm, and one late-night show at 9:30pm. You can bring your own beer, wine, and hard seltzer if you’re over 21. All of Candlelight events are safe, comfortable and socially-distanced. Tickets are $49.

Get your tickets for this incredible tribute to Queer composers below, or check out all of the Candlelight concerts available, here!

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