15 Recreations Of Van Gogh Paintings That Are Absolutely Brilliant

Gogh nuts for these re-interpretations of Van Gogh paintings!

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15 Recreations Of Van Gogh Paintings That Are Absolutely Brilliant

It’s been one hell of a ear.

Here in March 2021, a year after the onset of the pandemic in America, we look back over one of the few good things that came out of quarantine. While all of us were cooped up at home, some partook in a bit of Renaissance -style cosplay by imitating classic paintings. In honor of the mesmerizing Van Gogh multisensory exhibit coming to town, we’ve selected our favorite homespun Van Gogh recreations! [Featured image: @hugotheboston]

1. Self-Portrait with Bandaged Ear And Pipe

Photo credit: @Petrina McNeill

2. Self-Portrait as a Painter

3. Starry Night

This August, you can step into Starry Night with the coming immersive Van Gogh exhibit and 360-degree spectacle in Atlanta that brings the painter’s masterpieces to life!

4. Self Portrait with Bandaged Ear

Photo credit: @Elena Mayarovich

5. Sower at Sunset


6. Self-Portrait with Straw Hat

Photo credit: @Dmitry Brudnaya-Chelyadinova

7. Self-Portait with Bandaged Ear

Photo credit: @hugotheboston

8. Irises

Photo credit: @Cara Jo O’Connell

9. Self-Portrait With Bandaged Ear and Pipe

10. Self Portrait 1889

Photo credit: @Tadao Cern

11. Self-Portrait with Grey Felt Hat

12. Bedroom in Arles

Photo credit: @Joshua Louis Simon

13. Madame Roulin and Her Baby

Photo credit: @Madame Reinhardt

14. Self-Portrait 1887

Photo credit: @Optivion

15. Starry Night

Photo credit: @Camila Despalanques and Rocío Fernández

To get the complete Van Gogh experience, get your tickets to this stunning immersive Van Gogh exhibit coming to Atlanta very soon!