Beloved Speakeasy Restaurant Reopens Behind The Bookcase This Winter

The restaurant within a restaurant is back, just in time for the Holidays... 🤫

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Beloved Speakeasy Restaurant Reopens Behind The Bookcase This Winter

The sensational speakeasy ‘Georgia Boy’ is about to reopen post-pandemic

Atlanta has so many incredible speakeasies, just waiting to transport you back to the Prohibition period. However, there’s one specific Poncey-Highland restaurant speakeasy, that many Atlantans have been waiting for its post-pandemic reopening.

Southern Belle is a special restaurant, that has another restaurant hidden within its walls. Georgia Boy is the intimate dining experience within Southern Belle, that will reopen on December 2.

Georgia Boy is only accessible via Southern Belle, hidden behind a bookcase located within the top-notch eatery. Behind the books, there’s a 16-course tasting menu and an unforgettable evening, that has become a beloved part of the Atlantan cuisine scene for many locals and fans of the culinary speakeasy.

If you’re looking to experience this spectacular ATL delicacy, head to Southern Belle and follow the “Bless Your Heart” sign. Their re-debut menu has an array of courses with hilariously named dishes like  “A trip down Buford Highway”, a taco trio to remember.


If sixteen courses is too much, you could trade in the speakeasy for Southern Belle’s four course tasting menu, a guaranteed culinary treat and the perfect way to get a taste for their 16-course-extravaganza.

You can find Georgia Boy in Southern Belle, located at 1043 Ponce De Leon Ave NE. Follow Southern Belle on Instagram, here.

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