Dive Into A Tank Of Sharks At Georgia Aquarium’s Coming Exhibit: Predators Of The Deep

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Dive Into A Tank Of Sharks At Georgia Aquarium’s Coming Exhibit: Predators Of The Deep

Predators of the Deep has splashed onto the scene.

Sharks are misunderstood creatures. Sure, you’ve seen them in blockbuster films like Jaws and, of course, its ramped-up successor, Sharknado, but let’s be honest: Hollywood tends to exaggerate their malice. Honestly, they’re much different creatures when you meet them up close and in person – which is exactly what the Georgia Aquarium wants you to do at their coming exhibition: Predators of the Deep.

“The biggest aquarium in the western hemisphere just got a lot bigger,” the aquarium writes on their website. “Our expansive new gallery is home to multiple shark species and is overflowing with suspense and adventure. With epic views and unique encounters — including a cage dive! — this gallery will transport you to the dark depths of the oceans to meet our newest residents.”

You read that correctly, in addition to the ocean of knowledge you’ll obtain about the apex predators, their environment, associated myths, and threats to their survival, Predators of the Deep gives you the opportunity to meet them face-to-fin.

“Don a wetsuit and venture into the deep with some of our most fearsome sharks in this new animal interaction,” the business writes on their website.

Cage Dive submerges divers encased in a stainless-steel cage into a 1.2-million-gallon salt water tank, giving them a rare view into a habitat populated by a variety of shark species including hammerhead and sand tiger sharks. Tickets are on sale now at $189.95 for members, and $233.95 for non-members.




“This program was created to provide an engaging, educational, and inspirational experience by connecting our guests, in an immersive manner, to some of Georgia Aquarium’s most fascinating resident animals,” the aquarium writes. “With the intent of turning “fear” into “fascination,” this experience is an exploration into the behind the scenes of the Sharks! Predators of the Deep gallery and an in-depth look into Georgia Aquarium’s research and conservation efforts with sharks and rays.”

Predators of the Deep is now open to the public.

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