30 Hilarious Responses To “Tell Me You’re From Atlanta Without Telling Me You’re From Atlanta”

Jack Rattenbury Jack Rattenbury

30 Hilarious Responses To “Tell Me You’re From Atlanta Without Telling Me You’re From Atlanta”

Y’all love your lemon pepper wings, huh?

Atlanta, the capital of our beloved Peach State and one of America’s staple metropolitan areas. But do all Atlantans think alike? We wanted to know what real locals thought about their city, so we asked our Instagram and Facebook followers to do the “Tell Me Without Telling Me” challenge.

Here are a just a few of our favorite responses from y’all, answering that viral question, “Tell me you’re from Atlanta without telling me you’re from Atlanta…”

1. At-lanna

2. Too many t’s… It’s Alana


4. Is it ITP or OTP?

5. What’ll ya have… What’ll ya have?

The infamous debate…

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6. Hotlanta 🔥🔥

7. We do NOT say Hotlanta damnit!!

8. It’s not HOTlanta. It’s just hot.

Go-to Atlantan cuisine

9. 10 hot with lemon pepper sprinkles and a peach drink

10. Lemon pepper wangs

11. I need a ten piece lemon pepper wet with a peach/lemonade mix

Thanks a lot, Atlanta. Now we’ve got major cravings!

Stuck in traffic…

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12. I’m not leaving until after traffic… 🧐

13. Construction daily 🚧

14. They just added a new ramp on 285 and there’s still traffic…..

15. Spend as much time in traffic as at work.

16. Spaghetti Junction

We agree… Spaghetti Jaunction is an anxiety-inducing nightmare!


Music, stars and ATL icons

Celebrities, landmarks, and brands that apparently let us know that ya’ll from Atlanta.

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17. Outkast, 18. TLC, and 19. Lil Nas X were just a few famous music artists that Atlantans are proud to call Atlantans.

20. Coca-Cola

21. King and Queen Buildings

22. The BeltLine is where it’s at


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23. I’m not dating anyone OTP

24. JR Crickets, Frozen Palace, Club Ritz, 50 Grand, and Dugans

25. Murder Kroger and Disco Kroger are landmarks

26. It’s six o’clock, it’s six o’clock, it’s time for Street to rock!

27. Bugs, humidity & traffic…

28. I never make a left on Krog St.

29. Where this Marta bus at?

30. Turn at the Big Chicken

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