Don’t Miss This Beautiful, Yet Sinister Art Installation On The BeltLine

Jack Rattenbury Jack Rattenbury

Don’t Miss This Beautiful, Yet Sinister Art Installation On The BeltLine

It’s your last chance to check out The Endeavor by Atlantan artist Jessica Caldas.

Head to the BeltLine on June 29 for Jessica’s Caldas final instalment of The Endeavor, a touching art piece reflecting on Atlantan communities on the BeltLine.

The Endeavor represents a tired body. Tired Bodies are figurative, soft sculptures that are distorted and exaggerated in various ways that reflect their experiences. Tired Bodies are meant to take up space, despite their fatigue caused by the expectations placed on bodies both physically and mentally, in our culture and society.

The Endeavor however, has become a vehicle for examining larger, more sweeping experiences. This work touches on deeply entrenched social and political norms, but also attempts to reimagine them in ways beyond our own imagination.

Previously, Tired Bodies was a series that mostly involved large-human-scale soft sculptures and installation, an art practice that Caladas is known for. And you certainly don’t want to miss this incredible addition to the artist’s phenomenal repertoire.


On June 29, there will be a live, immersive performance/procession, where you are invited to celebrate the birth, life, and death of these gorgeous, yet sinister characters. If you wish to participate, please click here for more information as there are requirements.

Check out The Endeavor on June 29 from 5:30, on the ATL Beltline, located at the Historic Fourth Ward Skatepark.

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