5 Best Places For Crawfish Boil In Atlanta

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5 Best Places For Crawfish Boil In Atlanta

Do you smell that, Atlanta? It’s crawfish season, so get out there and get your boil on at some of Atlanta’s best restaurants.

Nothing says authentic Southern cuisine like a Seafood Boil. And it’s crawfish season, so you know we’re craving a good messy seafood boil! The hot and spicy Cajun dish is popular all over the South, and Atlanta is home to many restaurants where crawfish and seafood boils are their specialty.

Get your loose pants at the ready, and make sure you check out the restaurants offering some of the best boils in Atlanta. Here are our favorites:

1. The Pirate’s Boil

Where: Oaks of Cumberland

You’re guaranteed to get more bang for your buck at The Pirate’s Boil. An Atlanta favorite for seafood boils, this place will fulfil your cravings for Cajun heaven. With fresh ingredients, we recommend the Treasure Chest boil, for a little taste of everything this staple Southern dish has to offer.

2. Krab Queenz ATL

Where: SoNo,

Known for their OTT cocktail menu and frozen daiquiris, you don’t want to miss out on Krab Queenz. Their sea-based menu will be perfectly boiled or fried, with all the right spices. Get ready for the feast of all feasts. Atlanta’s eager for several! These Queenz also made it on our best Black-owned restaurants that are slaying Atlanta’s cuisine scene.

3. Bon Ton Atlanta

Where: SoNo


The smoky and spicy boils available here are top-notch, with a unique Vietnamese twist. Bon Ton is well-known for their innovative brunch dishes, with a delicious crawfish roll available. But their seafood boils are the star of the show. They’re also home to tasty appetizers and a killer cocktail menu, so make sure you have a designated driver before heading to Bon Ton’s.

4. Crawfish Shack Seafood

Where: Peachtree

A hotspot for locals, with the words around Atlanta buzzing for Crawfish Shack Seafood. Not only are their boils great to share, but their fried shrimp is highly recommended as you can get it how you like. In a sandwich, with some fries. An excellent choice for a seafood feast. Ask for Meal 6 for 1lb of Cajun boiled crawfish, and your choice of two tasty sides.

5. The Boiler Seafood Atlanta

Where: Lindbergh

Prepare for a crawfish feast Atlanta because The Boiler Atlanta is thriving, and there’s no sign of them stopping. The ambience is perfect to chow down on some delicious seafood, and they are known for their fresh ingredients. So make sure you head to The Boiler before crawfish season ends. They have a delicious one with king crab, blue crab, mussels and crawfish!

Featured Image: @thepiratesboil via Instagram


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