20 Outstanding Black-Owned Restaurants In Atlanta

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20 Outstanding Black-Owned Restaurants In Atlanta

Breakfast or BBQ, chicken or Caribbean – Atlanta has it all.

Local businesses are still facing tough times, and Black-owned businesses even more so. But you can continue showing support and take action by supporting local shops and restaurants. Before making your next delivery order, take a look through our list of some of the best Black-owned restaurants with takeout available in Atlanta!

Here’s a useful list of black-owned takeout spots deliciously shaping Atlanta’s cuisine scene, that you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home, hotel, or wherever you’re isolating.  


1. Atlanta Breakfast Club 

It would be rude not to start with breakfast, and for an authentic Southern-style start to your day, make sure you check out Atlanta Breakfast Club. Try the Peach Cobler French Toast for a delicious twist on a Georgian classic. If you’re extra hungry, the Shrimp n’grits is to die for, but make sure you get their famous biscuits on the side!  


2. Nancy’s Pizza 

Nancy´s Pizza is one of Atlanta’s very few places where you can get authentic deep-dish pizza, that some say beats out Chicago. Self-proclaimed creators of the stuffed pizza, Nancy’s doesn’t play around with their pies. They are continuously proving with their fresh ingredients and happy clientele that they are here to stay and dominate Atlanta’s pizza arena.  


3. Old Lady Gang 

The Old Lady Gang’s story is just as heartwarming as the delicious food available, curated by three sisters born and raised in Atlanta. . Aunt Burtha’s Fried Chicken alone proves that they are patrons for authentic Southern cuisine, made entirely with love. 


4. Blaxican Food 

Did somebody say Tacos? Blaxican Food is the perfect place to get tasty tacos in Atlanta. Founded in 2010, it quickly became one of the best food trucks in the city. It’s also home to the Collard Green Quesadilla, a perfect representation of the Southern/Mexican fusion that the owner strives for. They’re also a very charitable truck so by supporting Blaxican, you’re supporting Atlanta! The taco truck is passionate about providing food to those less fortunate, working with several local charities.


5. Slutty Vegan 


It can be difficult to be exposed to so much southern comfort food and remain, or become vegan. But have no fear, because Slutty Vegan is here for you. This 100% plant-based burger joint will hit the spot for both vegans and meat eaters alike. They’re even opening a plant-based Bar serving incredible cocktails and vegan bites.


6. Tom, Dick and Hank 

For incredible seafood and BBQ, make sure you check out TDH in the ATL. They offer charming Southern hospitality, and the soul food served up will be some of the best Atlanta has to offer. Known for their show-stopping crab boils, check out TDH with an empty stomach!


7. Anna’s BBQ 


Speaking of BBQ, another alternative for some beautiful bites that reign true to Atlanta’s cuisine is Anna’s BBQ. Anna prepares the perfect ribs, the perfect burgers, the perfect veggies. Is there anything she can’t do?… No, but you should definitely go and find that out for yourself. You won’t regret it.  



8. Roc South Cuisine & Cocktails 

The undisputed Rockstar of Southern food, this restaurant is an icon in its own right. One bite of their Seafood Eggrolls and you’ll be hooked for life. Their refreshing and unique cocktail selection alone will make any visit worthwhile too! 


9. Irie Mon Café 

We have another food truck to add to your growing list! Irie Mon Café offers mouth-watering Caribbean food. Labelled the most authentic in Atlanta, you won’t find Jamaican food like this outside of Jamaica, except for here in Atlanta. From their jerk chicken, to their chicken, rice and peas. This place is legit, with the reputation to prove it.  

 10. Hattie Marie’s BBQ

From ribs to hot chicken. Crabs legs, to fantastic Mac n’Cheese. Hattie Marie’s is another BBQ staple of the Georgian peach. Devoted locals are obsessed and we have a feeling that Hattie’s could do the same to you.

11. Busy Bee Cafe

The Busy Bee Cafe will sort out your day, week and life. The first-rate dishes include fried green tomatoes, and fried chicken. Established in 1947, it’s clear that Busy Bee has been keeping Atlanta happy for a long time!

12. Just Add Honey

This tea shop has an extensive amount of delicious flavors, and snacks to accompany your pot of tea! The peaceful and quite atmosphere is bound to help you flee the hustle of Atlanta. Bring your laptop, bring your favorite book, and bring your best friends!

13. Not As Famous Cookie

Atlanta’s first cookie truck is here to save your sweet tooth. Dessert is important, and we wouldn’t want you missing out on some of the best cookies, and cookie creations, that Atlanta has to offer.

14. Doughlicious Vegan

It can be difficult to find delicious vegan dessert sometimes, and then we’re granted this gem to save plant-based dieters everywhere! Vegan cinnamon rolls? Vegan muffins? Vegan sweet-pies? Need we say more?

15. Big Oak Tavern Restaurant

American cuisine, with a little Southern soul. You’ll be returning soon after your first visit to Big Oaks’. The tavern unfortunately opened its doors not long before the pandemic started. But their delicious dishes have kept this place not only surviving, but thriving too!

16. Krab Queenz

These Krab Queenz are our new obsession, and we are looking forward to devouring another plate of fried crab. Their sea-based menu will be perfectly fried, with all the right spices. Get ready for the feast of all feasts. Atlanta’s eager for several! The cocktails are insanely creative too, and perfect to share with a friend.

17. Rosie’s Coffee Cafe

Only in Atlanta can you get exquisite Chicken and Waffles, served with the freshest and best brewed coffee. And for Rosie’s Café, we’ll be eternally grateful.

18. Twisted Soul Cook House

Twisted Soul serves up beautifully made soul food. The atmosphere is funky, but incredibly welcoming. Make sure you head here during their brunch hours specifically, because they’ll know how you like your eggs in the morning. But no matter what time you come to eat, you’ll have a delicious time at Twisted Soul.

19.  Gocha’s Breakfast Bar

Gocha’s has a glorious selection of breakfast burritos. From healthy meals to filling treats, you can never go wrong here! Not only is this place incredible if you’re into breakfast foods, it’s clear that each dish is full of heart, and who doesn’t love a hearty breakfast in bed?

20. The BQE Restaurant

Serving up some of the best mac n’ cheese in Atlanta. The BQE is the perfect place for burgers, cocktails and brunch! Their Edgewood Turkey Burger is next level. And level up even further with their addictive sides.

Featured image: Dirty Vegan via Instagram

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