8 Breathtaking Winter Hikes In Georgia You Must Take Before The Season Ends

There's some spectacular places to hike near Atlanta during the winter months ❄️

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8 Breathtaking Winter Hikes In Georgia You Must Take Before The Season Ends

From an icicle dreamland to spectacular views, make sure to take on one (or a few) of these hikes this winter!

Thanks to Georgia’s neutral climate during the winter, there’s never a bad time to go for a hike. The Georgian air feels fresher, the brutal heat of the summer is far behind us. You can even find some snow-topped gems if you’re lucky enough and keep an eye on the weather/snow fall. Frosty camping trips, backpacking hotspots, Georgia truly has it all. Here are nine of our favorite hikes in Georgia to take during the winter:

1. Cloudland Canyon


In Northwest Georgia, nestled in Rising Fawn is the beautiful Cloudland Canyon. The Cherokee Falls and the surrounding canyon are famous for their mineral formations, as well as the mind-blowing icicles in the winter months. The park has several different camping options, as well as hiking trails for all levels. But it’s the frosty scenery that makes this place the perfect spot for a winter hike.

2. Westside Reservoir Park

If you’re not looking to leave Atlanta, then its our newest park that you need to check out this winter. Hike through Atlanta’s largest public green space that officially opened to the public earlier this year. It features a 350-foot deep reservoir holding 2.4 billion gallons of emergency water reserves. With stellar views of the ATL, dramatic rock formations, enchanting meadows, and more, make sure to take a hike at Westside Reservoir Park as soon as you can!

3. Sweetwater Creek


For another option close to Atlanta, check out Sweetwater Creek, especially if you haven’t been yet. The old ruins of a Civil War mill haunt the side of this gorgeous creek. Hike the Sweetwater Creek White Trail and Red Trail, a scenic 4-mile loop that’s the ultimate winter hike right here in Atlanta.

4. Appalachian Trail


If you’re looking for snow then the Appalachian Trail is for you. This mind-blowing hiking trail stretches over 2000 miles from Springer Mountain Georgia to Mount Katahdin, in Maine. If you head any time from October until April, you’ll probably see snow. Expect spectacular views of the surrounding areas. There’s also plenty of opportunities to go off the beaten track and discover forests, mountains, and more!


5. Yonah Mountain Trail

This iconic mountain is a winter wonderland during the colder months of the year. Near Georgia’s Helen, have a festive & fun day out by visiting the neighboring German Alpine village before or after your hike. The Yonah ;ountain’s asymmetrical, iconic shape and massive, exposed rock formations near the summit has made it extremely popular with hikers, climbers, and photogs!

6. Arabia Mountain


Conveniently located in the metro area, Arabia Mountain is just 20 minutes east from Downtown Atlanta. Similar to its sibling Stone Mountain, however it’s usually much quieter. The relaxing hike and beautiful scenery makes it the perfect place to find some peace of mind this winter.

7. Old Mill Park


Old Mill Park is an incredible spot to hike all year round, but it’s extra special during the winter. Extend your day and explore some of the Chattahoochee River. The Roswell Riverwalk is close-by, boasting a 5 mile paved wooded path along the Chattahoochee River and its surrounding wetlands. There’s so much stunning nature and local wildlife to take in, so make sure you take your camera.

8. Providence Canyon State Park

Did you know that Georgia has its own miniature Grand Canyon? Of course, ours is a lot more green! Head to Providence Canyon Park for an unforgettable hike, with several trails highlighting the unusual rock formations at this Georgia gem. It recently featured on our round-up of some of Georgia’s Natural Wonders. Click the link below to read the whole round-up.

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