Girl Power Murals Around Atlanta Honoring Women’s History And Female Empowerment

Jack Rattenbury Jack Rattenbury

Girl Power Murals Around Atlanta Honoring Women’s History And Female Empowerment

There’s so much street art in Atlanta dedicated to impactful Herstory and female empowerment!

It’s impossible to walk down a street in Atlanta and not come face to face with some incredible street art. Stereotypically a boys game, there are plenty of female street artists gaining global attention right here in Atlanta

Here are five murals dedicated to elevating female voices:

1. West End Herstory

Credit: Ashley Dopson, via Instagram

Where: 888 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd, West End

Located on one of Atlanta’s Goodwill thrift stores is a mural honoring Atlantan women. Specifically the unsung heroes of Atlanta’s West End Community. Painted by local artist Ashley Dopson, the street art pays tribute to the tireless amount of work these Atlantan ladies have put into Civil Rights.

2. Respect Black Women

Credit: yuzlymathurin

Where: 212 Edgewood Ave. N.E.

With so much street art elevating Black voices and perspectives in the city, this piece was for Power Haus Creative’s Mural Mixtape project. Artist Yuzly Mathurin also did another mural recently encouraging women to use their vote.

3. The Art Of The S.W.A.T.S

Credit: The Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs 

Where: West Gate

Although this project is two years old, there are still some remanence of The Art of the S.W.A.T.S. There are a couple of murals around the area that highlights West Gate’s most famous faces. Snap a pic with the iconic Atlantan female RnB group Xscape.


4. Shine On Em’

Credit: Courtney Brooks

Where: York Ave. NE, West End

Who doesn’t need a reminder telling them they’re magical? This is another piece in the Mural Mixtape project, this time gorgeously painted by Courtney Brooks.

5. Black Girl Beautiful

Credit: @thepainterbae shot by @livingwallsatl

Where: 333 Peters St

Living Walls is an art organization, creating intentional, thought-provoking public art to inspire social change. There are many murals around the city that were funded by this organization. Their mission is inspiring, with the most beautiful results painted across the city. Many of which are painted by female artists.

Featured Image: The Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs