Discover The Ghosts That Inhabit The Frightfully Haunted Fox Theatre

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Discover The Ghosts That Inhabit The Frightfully Haunted Fox Theatre

Are you brave enough to hear the spooky ghost stories from Atlanta’s historic Fox Theatre?

Some may say that it’s too predictable to label a building haunted based on its age. Producing stellar shows since 1929, millions of people have passed through the doors of Atlanta’s iconic Fox Theatre. Needless to say, there’s been many sightings and intriguing stories that’ve come to the surface, all conspiring that the Fox Theatre isn’t what it seems to be. Not just a theatre, but a place with abundant opportunities to contact the other realm.

As the theatre provides tours of the building this time of year, focusing on the all of the spooky happenings that’ve happened. We thought we’d break down some of the stories that continue to haunt Midtown’s centerpiece for the Fox Theatre Historic District.

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During the tour, you’re able to access parts of the theatre that are usually off-limits to the average theatregoer. Learn about the old organist whose ashes were scattered in the theatre. It’s said that he haunts the space – which is surprisingly more sinister when not seeing a show. With the grand and camp interiors, the glamour of showbiz, and even the intention of the building. The theater was originally planned as part of a large Shrine Temple as evidenced by its Moorish design. This creates eerie undertones, before the top-notch actors even take you on a journey through some of the theatre’s stories.


Theatre staff throughout the ages have reported hearing the sound of footsteps in the audience when the theatre is empty, or catching a glimpse of a ghostly face watching them from the dark! Have you got what it takes to tour this haunted paradise for ghost hunters?

The tours will be happening from October 21 until October 26, with several timeslots available each night. Tickets range from $40-$55. Their VIP package includes a $20 beverage credit to be used in the Marquee Club post tour. For tickets and more information, click here.

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