The Ultimate Guide To MARTA’s Station Art Collection

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The Ultimate Guide To MARTA’s Station Art Collection

Unbeatable art to check out at Atlanta’s MARTA stations!

For over a quarter of a century, MARTA has moved over 3.5 billion people throughout Atlanta and the surrounding cities. Over time, especially as of recent, it has become a canvas for several artists who’ve passed through our city, or call the ATL their home.

From stunning architectural details to sensational art installments, you could spend the day snapping up awesome pictures of our top-notch, and totally vibrant transportation transit. MARTA actually has a public art program called Artbound, dedicated to helping you enjoy the ride with gorgeous art, and so much more!

With engaging visual art, dance, theater, and live music, the stations feel like destinations in themselves, and you can always expect the unexpected!

8 incredible pieces from MARTA’s Station Art Collection

1. Arts Center Station
Charlie Mitchell via Artbound/MARTA

Created by Charlie Mitchell, ‘Everyday MARTA Scenes’ is nestled in the Art Center Station. The piece was created from live sketches that he drew at several MARTA stations across Atlanta.

2. Civic Center Station
Paul Freundt via Artbound/MARTA

Definitely one of the most striking, and architecturally fascinating additions to the list, The Civic Center Station is home to Paul Freundt’s ‘As It Goes Through’. These massive sculptures are 150 feet long altogether, and weigh 21 tons apiece. They are meant to reflect the industrial and urban atmosphere the station has.

3. West Lake Station
Joseph Perrin via Artbound/Marta

If you’ve ever been to West Lake Station, you’ve probably been in a trance checking out the insane tiling work. The untitled piece by Joseph Perrin encompasses the entire station, and transports you directly into an abstract painting.

4. Ashby Station
Fahamu Pecou via Artbound/MARTA

The mural ‘The People Could Fly’ is located at Ashby Station, inspired by the beloved children’s story by Virginia Wolf. Artist Fahamu Pecou has another mural nestled in Hamilton E. Holmes Station, dedicated to man himself, who was one of the first two African-American students admitted to the University of Georgia.


However, also located at Ashby Station are a set of spectacular glass mosaics. Artist Liv Mills hoped to introduce commuters to the neighborhood around Ashby station, with two pieces honoring the history, including a section dedicated to the early home lives and the first black schools which originated in the area.

5. Brookhaven Station
Carolyn Montague via Artbound/MARTA

Another striking piece located at Brookhaven Station by Carolyn Montague. The name ‘Time Curves’ came “with the thought that time is always changing and means different things to different people, that time is an illusion, that these thoughts are always on the edge of the mind– especially the thoughts of those who would be riding in and out on MARTA.”

6. Dunwoody Station
Will Roy McDaniel via Artbound/MARTA

This piece was made with etched glass and gold leaf in 1996. Still just as striking and inviting today, make sure you check it out next time you stop off at Dunwoody.

7. Bankhead Station
Allan Crawford and Mary Helen Chappell via Artbound/MARTA

Created from aluminum and cardboard, this was one of the four murals in the En Route program. The fourth mural in the series that honors Dr. Hamilton E. Holmes, as mentioned above.

8. Buckhead Station
Steve Steinman via Artbound/MARTA

If you commute to Buckhead or have passed through its MARTA station, you’ve probably admired the tiles on display. Get lost in a trance as you journey through the tiled masterpiece – the pretty patterns are always an impressive welcome to Buckhead!

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Featured images: Marta/Artbound

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