5 Of The Best Places To Go Peach Picking In And Around Atlanta This Season

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5 Of The Best Places To Go Peach Picking In And Around Atlanta This Season

I get my peaches out in Georgia..

As May comes to a close and June around the corner, peach season has officially started. Now you can go and pick your own peaches at farms across Georgia – and they don’t call it the Peach State for nothing. We’ve decided to round-up our favorites for y’all to make the most of peach picking season with the ripest and tastiest peaches available! Peach season starts mid-late May, and ends around September.

5 awesome places for peach picking around Atlanta

1. Southern Belle Farm

Where: McDonough

Southern Belle Farm is a family owned 330 acre working farm. They are open seasonally for fresh produce, berry picking, peach picking, fall fun, and much more! It’s likely to get busy here, so go early! If not, make sure you check there’s peaches available before leaving! As well as picking your peaches, we recommend picking up a jar of their tasty spiced version of the Georgia staple.

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2. Jaemor Farms

Where: Alto, North Georgia

A bit further afield if you want to go and pick your peaches at this charming Georgian farm, but it’s always completely worth it. Especially due to the fact that when peach season comes, we always crave their homemade ice-cream made from the Georgia icon.

3. Fitzgerald Fruit Farm

Where: Woodbury

Our ‘Pick-Your-Own’ patch opens in late March and continues through June. Like many other fruit picking farms, they also have fresh picked strawberries available daily during this time, as well as veggies!


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4. Sugar Hill Berry Farm

Where: Murrayville

After picking your tasty peaches from Sugar Hill Berry Farm, make sure you also take home a jar of honey. You might even want to stock up if you’re a lover of the stuff – it’s delicious!

5. Dickey Farms

Where: Musella

Dickey’s are celebrating their 124th peach season, so make sure you head there to celebrate this milestone appropriately! You don’t want to miss out on this Georgian gem, providing Georgia with some of the most delicious peaches on offer!

Featured Image: Southern Belle Farm

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