10 Restaurants For Tasty Tacos Around Atlanta

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10 Restaurants For Tasty Tacos Around Atlanta

Although Tuesday is advised, there’s never a wrong day to eat tacos in Atlanta!

The Atlanta metro area offers an extensive variety of taco eateries just dying to be explored. Whether you’re looking for those authentic Mexican flavors, or innovative twists on the staple snack, Atlanta’s got you covered. And so do we, as we’re about to break down all the best places for terrific tacos in Atlanta.

10 Restaurants For Tasty Tacos In And Around Atlanta

1. El Rey Del Taco

Credit: El Rey Del Tac0

Where: Doraville

We’re not the only ones who think El Rey Del Taco are special. Atlanta is buzzing for their extensive menu and tasty tacos. We suggest getting the mini-tacos so you can enjoy as many varieties as possible!

2. San Pancho Taqueria

Credit: San Pancho Taqueria

Where: Tucker

For awesome and friendly staff, fresh ingredients, and awesome tacos, check out San Pancho’s. We suggest getting their crunchy tacos, and fill them up with their chicken, shrimp, or whatever you fancy!

3. Tuza Taco

Credit: Tuza Taco

Where: West Midtown

For handmade tortillas, quality ingredients, and authentic flavors, head to Tuza Taco. You can’t leabe this place without trying their pork belly tacos! You won’t regret it, Atlanta!

4. Tacos La Villa

Credit: Tacos La Villa

Where: Smyrna

You’re going to want to try a few of Taco La Villa’s tempting tacos. Luckily, the eatery makes it easy to sample as many fillings as you desire! They do an awesome heart shaped platter for those looking for a feast!

5. Taqueria La Oaxaqueña

Credit: Taqueria La Oaxaqueña

Where: Jonesboro

You have to try the carnitas at Taqueria La Oaxaqueña!  the succulent meat, cilantro and lime is enough, there’s an awesome salsa bar with peppery tomatillo salsa and fiery red habanero!

6. Carniceria Ramirez

Atlanta can’t get enough of Carniceria Ramirez. You’re going to put a smile on everyone’s face if you get a platter from this place. They also serves great tortas, burritos, menudo on the weekends, and tasty tamales between November and February.

7. The Original El Taco


Where: Virginia-Highland

If you’re heading down Virginia-Highland, then check out The Original El Taco. You have to try their teak tacos, which are topped with crispy onions & salsa verde!

8. El Taco Veloz

Credit: Taco Veloz

Where: Several locations

Taco Veloz are so beloved that they have seven Georgian locations! The barbacoa tacos are to die for. We’re ready to return for their soft shredded beef alone!

9. Rreal Tacos


Where: Midtown

A brightly colored Mexican kitchen specializing in customizable tacos, so get them how you like them, Atlanta! Whatever you do, make sure you get the chips, salsa, and guac to compliment your tacos!

10. Bar Taco

Credit: Bar Taco

Where: Inman Park

With three locations in Westside, Chastain Park, and Inman Park, Bar Taco is a great place to share some tacos with friends. If there’s a few of you, their platters are perfect for taking in all those different, Mexican flavors!

Featured Image: Tuza Atlanta


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