Play Vintage Games At This Boozy, Boutique Bowling Bar & Restaurant

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Play Vintage Games At This Boozy, Boutique Bowling Bar & Restaurant

It’s fun, games, and duckpin bowling at Atlanta’s beloved The Painted Duck!

The Painted Duck is a self-proclaimed ‘distinguished drinkery’ here in the ATL. This vintage gaming parlor with rustic yet modern interiors is bound to impress on a first date, or on a well-needed catch-up with some good friends.

An unforgettable evening at this upscale boutique bar awaits, in the Stockyards Atlanta development on the Westside. The Painted Duck includes 16 full service duckpin bowling lanes, 2 Belgian feather bowling lanes, 2 indoor horseshoe pits, knuckleball, and more!

Credit: The Painted Duck

Duckpin bowling is a variation of traditional ten-pin bowling, except the balls and pins are smaller. Belgian feather bowling is a game played with a wooden “cheese wheel”. The objective is to roll your wooden cheese towards a feather, down a trough shaped alley. Whoever gets their wheel closest to the feather, wins. Learn about all of the unique games that are on offer, and have an awesome night in the process!

In terms of eats and drinks, there’s a delicious selection of bites on offer! The “backyard barfare” available includes shareable small plates, dips, sliders, sandwiches, salads, and more! You should enjoy your games and bar bites with one of their signature cocktails, a glass of artisanal wine, or a beer from one of the ATL’s hottest breweries!


Credit: The Painted Duck

The Painted Duck is open Monday through Thusday 5PM until midnight, Friday 5PM until 2AM, Saturday 12PM until 2AM, and Sunday 12PM until midnight. The venue is 21+, except on Saturday and Sunday before 5pm. All lanes and seating areas are first come, first served.

Credit: The Painted Duck

Have your competitive evening at this unique gem in Atlanta as soon as you can! You can find The Painted Duck in the Stockyards Atlanta development on the Westside at the intersection of 10th Street and Brady Avenue (976 Brady Avenue). Check out their website, here.

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Featured Image: The Painted Duck

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