6 Touching Tributes Honoring The Late John Lewis In Atlanta

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6 Touching Tributes Honoring The Late John Lewis In Atlanta

John Lewis’ passing has Atlanta honoring his legacy in so many touching ways.

The late Congressman left an incredible impression on Atlanta. With the city known as an epicenter of civil rights, it’s very clear that John Lewis has become entwined with that honorable accolade. Rightfully the city has been filling up with tributes to the pioneer. As Lewis played a crucial part in the civil rights movement and the end to racial segregation in the States. He also called Atlanta home.

The marks of honor around the city are both state official and done by the citizens of Atlanta. The city council announced in 2018 that there will be several projects and officials exploring opportunities to honor Lewis. Since his death in 2020, the city has gone the extra mile to make sure his legacy receives the same amount of respect that he gave to others.

The council announced that they’d rename Freedom Parkway, which is now John Lewis Freedom Parkway. They also added artistic and structural enhancements to John Lewis Commemorative Park, as well as a permanent art exhibit in Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.

4. Blooming Touching..

Credit: f11photo via Shutterstock

Where: Freedom Park

Freedom Park announced that they’ll plant 300 new trees to colorfully paint the public space every February. With John Lewis’ birthday falling in February, the space will be in full bloom specifically for Lewis every year. They’re adding a daffodil field, and Georgian shrubs to guarantee a beautiful tribute to the late Congressman.

5. Honour these Streets

Credit: @thelossprevention shot by @cyndilaine_imagines

Where: Auburn Ave.

There are tributes to John Lewis continuously popping up all around the city in street art form. The most iconic has become the one pictured above. This gorgeous addition was spray painted on by The Loss Prevention, who’s mission is to transform communities with art.


With several pioneering activists from Atlanta, along with its rich Black History, it’s worth checking out the street art elevating Black voices in Atlanta, and tackling the issues these communities face.

6. Earthly and Artsy

Credit: @stan_herd_arts shot by @jerrito1

Where: Freedom Park

Last month, Freedom Park doubled as a canvas for a breathtaking portrait of John Lewis. Made entirely from nature. It’s worth checking out to see if any remanence of the masterpiece still remain. The artist Stan Herd is recognized globally when it comes to his unique artistic style. When it comes to honoring Lewis he said, ‘I have been involved, all my life, in lending art to causes and issues and thoughts and opinions that have changed the world. That is John Lewis’.

This portrait was a great teaser for all the incredible art available in Atlanta during Black History Month.

Featured Image: Allison C Baily via Shutterstock