Moroccan Restaurant Will Transport You To North Africa With Their Belly Dancing Spectacular

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Moroccan Restaurant Will Transport You To North Africa With Their Belly Dancing Spectacular

Imperial Fez is Atlanta’s unique dining experience serving up the flavorful foods of Morocco.

Imperial Fez is an elaborately decorated Moroccan restaurant that’ll probably make you forget that you’re in Georgia! Not only do they serve tasty dishes inspired by North Africa, they also provide belly dancing extravaganzas in between dishes.

Soak yourself in Moroccan culture with their extensive menu, all while enjoying the Arabian expressive artform. Videos used in the article are pre-pandemic. The restaurant and performers are currently following coronavirus restrictions for us to have a safe and delicious time. 

Belly dancers will use the entire space to take you on a mystical journey through their beautiful dances. Some of the performers dabble in other artforms like the mesmerizingly terrifying fire eating. You’re definitely going to want to look away, but continue to watch anyway!

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The restaurant even hosts an evening where you can learn the artform, while they serve up an tasty set menu full of flavors taken from Morocco. Try the Moroccan Lemon Chicken served with their saffron rice for a real treat that’ll leave you wanting more.


Credit: Imperial Fez

Speaking of food, you can’t leave without trying their seafood! We’re loving the options on offer. From tempting fish dishes to shellfish, they have it all! Which means you’re going to want to arrive here on an empty stomach.

This may become your new favorite obsession if you’re a fan of African food and the dazzling artform of belly dancing. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. 

Imperial Fez is located at 4790 Peachtree Industrial Blvd. Ste 204 Norcross, GA 30071.

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Featured Image: Imperial Fez

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