Historic Krispy Kreme To Reopen As A Pop-Up Doughnut Shop

Twice destroyed, but coming back in pop-up form! 🍩

Jack Rattenbury Jack Rattenbury

Historic Krispy Kreme To Reopen As A Pop-Up Doughnut Shop

Good news for the fans of the historic Ponce De Leon Krispy Kreme

The beloved Krispy Kreme that ended up in flames twice, will reopen this December as a pop-up doughnut shop! The historic location is partially owned by basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal.

Even though the building is all set for demolition next week, to get ready for its rebuild. However, there will be a pop-up on site throughout the holidays. Little is known about this Krispy Kreme pop-up, and what it’ll end up serving up on the legendary grounds. We promised to keep you posted as the information is released.

Credit: Phillip Hall via Shutterstock

The iconic building first caught on fire in February, and then once again in July. Both fires caused significant damage to the property, with the cause of the second fire still to be determined. The cause of February fire was ruled as arson.


Krispy Kreme opened on Ponce in 1965, and became an iconic part of the ATL due to O’Neal. The hotspot was also home to a drive-thru window, and was the only kosher Krispy Kreme in Atlanta.

What happens after the pop-up is up in the air. We will keep you posted with updates on the iconic Midtown Krispy Kreme on Ponce De Leon Avenue.

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