Self-Guided Tour Of Atlanta’s Black History

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Self-Guided Tour Of Atlanta’s Black History

Check out these important landmarks from Atlanta’s Black History, an epicenter for the civil and human rights movements.

The Black community in Atlanta is is the backbone of the city. There’s so many stories worth sharing, supporting or discovering this Black History Month. With many walking tours of the ATL on offer, specifically focusing on Black History and the civil rights movement. We suggest checking out as many as you can.

Here’s a virtual tour, sampling Atlanta’s plentiful Black History. It can easily be self-guided, so put on your comfortable shoes, and use this map to help you discover the past, present and future of ATL’s Black community.

1. National Center for Civil and Human Rights

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This museum showcases the achievements of both the civil rights movement in the United States and the broader worldwide human rights movement. You can find a fascinating Martin Luther King. Jr exhibition, with rotating items from collections all over the city. Architecturally stunning, the museum was opened in 2014, in loving tribute to the stepping stone for civil rights that is Atlanta, Georgia.

2. Apex Museum

Apex’s mission is to continuously provide, interpret and present history from an African American perspective. Providing this for all people to understand and appreciate the contributions made by African Americans, to not only the USA, but the entire world. There are excellent exhibitions inside, telling some of the most important stories from Atlanta’s history.

3. Atlanta Daily World

A couple of doors down from Apex is Atlanta Daily World. It was the first successful African American daily newspaper in the United States. Founded in 1928, the paper would cover topics such as police brutalities, military exclusion, and became a giant voice for Black Atlanta.

4. Martin Luther King, Jr National Park

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Although some of the attractions in the park may be closed, it’s always worth a visit. The park that pays tribute to MLK has the strikingly beautiful ‘Behold’ statue, proudly guarding the entrance. Also check out the International Civil Rights Walk of Fame, for a stroll showcasing some of the movement’s most significant pioneers.

5. Ebenezer Baptist Church

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The white and blue neon sign marks the Church where Martin Luther King, Jr used to preach. Both his father and grandfather congregated here for worship. His mother was tragically murdered here as she was playing the organ during a morning service in 1971. It is even the place where MLK was baptized, with his funeral also taking place at this historic church.


6. The King Center

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A beautiful nonprofit center paying tribute to Dr. King. A historical experience is guaranteed with artefacts on display, and monuments such as the Reflection Pool, all dedicated to MLK and his influence within the civil rights movement.

7. Birth Home of Martin Luther King. Jr

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Temporarily closed, but surely worth the visit to just view the exterior. Soak in the birthplace of a man who became a prominent image, voice and pioneer for equality. By viewing his humble beginnings, visitors are remind us that no matter who you are, or where you come from, everyone has it in them to change the world.

8. Oakland Cemetery

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Of course, Dr. King is just a tiny fraction of Black History that Atlanta has to educate us about. A great way is a tour of Oakland Cemetery, who offer free tours during the month of February, specifically on African Americans who have shaped Atlanta, and the world throughout the years.

9. Eat Black-Owned

Atlanta Breakfast Club is nestled near the beginning of our tour for a reason. Or if you wanna end your day with some delicious food, check out our favorite Black-owned restaurants in Atlanta. 

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